Genodraco Legion

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The Genodraco Legion (or Genodraco) refer collectively to an ancient group of genetic super soldiers created by an extinct race known as the Igleon who were contemporary to the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation. These super soldiers were infamous for being incredibly powerful.


The Genodraco were inspired by the ancient ELICAN program. The Genodraco themselves are Karnasaur in their base DNA, but they are also mixed with the Igleon resulting in them appearing to be very animalistic looking. They were bred to be bio-weapons.


There were many variations of Genodraco though their structure was simple. The General Drakko was the leader while five different Alpha classes ruled directly underneath. Below the Alpha classes were the rank and file troops which were nearly identical to any one of the Alpha classes though were much smaller and less armed. Collectively, these lower ranked troops were known as the Beta Class.

Members of the Beta Class tended to be much weaker than their Alpha counterparts, but were much more numerous. In comparison to later sapient species, a Beta Genodraco was slightly more powerful than a Kklxin warrior, though an Alpha Genodraco was three times as strong as an ordinary Vaikan.

Their main leader was Renr Gron who directs their attacks and invasions.


The Genodracos rise to power can be attributed to Renr Gron. During the peak of the Ghorax Harbinger cycle, Renr was implanted in an attempt to turn the Karnasaurs against one another. The plan fell through, but Renr Gron continued to live on after the Ghorax fell.

Still under the influence of the Harbingers, Renr chose to use the Genodraco as a prototype for the new Harbingers in an attempt to bring them back. The insane Karnasaur had an unfinished score to settle with one of his rivals named Etah Owar. Renr's workings eventually drew the attention of the Dark Prophet Infra, and thus, they begun to collaborate and grow a following.

The Genodraco threat largely ended after the Battle of Silva. The Harbingers in control of the Genodraco were defeated prematurely before a full-on invasion on the galaxy could start, thus putting Infra in a very difficult position. With Renr's death and the freeing of the Genodraco from their cybernetics, Infra became the last aspect of the Harbingers left and the cycle would risk coming to an end.