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Duat is the first Zula metropolis ever constructed. A dreambleed portal to it is located where the pyramids of Giza now stand today. It is considered the realm of the dead in Egyptian mythology. Duat is also said to exist in perfect harmony between the Realm of Light and Realm of Darkness - the world shifts between the two as if it were day and night. The world is home to both Id and spirits who are active based on what time of day it is.


Duat has a mix of realistic and dream-like elements. The outer areas are particularly hostile with many Id roaming about that prey on souls that lose their way. Beyond the great wilderness is a golden city with twelve districts. At its center is a pyramid with four obelisks at its base as well an all seeing eye atop. It is said that the Great Spirit Himself watches over the realm of the dead through the eye.

After the discovery of the World Tree, the first Zulans created a wall around the World Tree to keep their knowledge safe. However, when the Fire Heist Crew stole the blue sap from Eden, they spread knowledge of dreamwalking to all both good and evil. One of the first civilizations to make use of the extensive, newly revealed knowledge was an Egyptian dreamwalking order known as the Children of Maat. The Children of Maat are believed to be the ancestors of the original authors of the Book of the Dead.

Duat was founded by a Zula named Lord Osiris who took upon the duty of constructing a city where the departed could live in harmony. However, only those who could overcome the dangers that the Realm of Darkness pose would be allowed into Duat. The goddess Ammit would also devour unworthy souls removing them from existence.

Despite all the dangers Duat has, the city itself is home to many of the Zula's intellectual and technological advances. The first Nephilim was constructed here which assisted in the construction of future Zula strongholds. However, Duat is also the location where the first Goar was born. Some Zula, while very pure of heart, found a way to broaden their knowledge of darkness by allowing themselves to transform into a new being. The Zula of Zion were very wary of this and opposed the Goar. Thus, it is said the first widespread conflicts among the Zula and Goar saw the first inklings of hostility.