Dreamwalking Thesis

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The Dreamwalking Thesis is a research paper published in 2018 by graduate student Oliver Ore, co-written by former SomniLabs employee Charlotte Beaumont. It is often regarded as the most important document in human history since Albert Einstein's theory of relativity.


Since the Apocalypse of 1999, many monsters from other worlds began to manifest themselves on Earth. The destruction of the 66 Seals that held Lucifer at the hands of Leah Campbell had many far reaching consequences. Leah's intention was to use Lucifer and other members of the Fire Heist crew to stop a powerful being named the Godslayer - an entity fueled by its hatred for the various spiritual and cosmic beings that watched over Earth. As a result, the veil between the spirit and physical world grew thin, thus unleashing many supernatural beings onto the planet. While theologians immediately identified it as an Apocalypse that was averted, science struggled to explain the phenomenon to the point where many governments around the world continued to denied the existence of supernatural beings in spite of millions of eyewitnesses.

The researcher Lewis Beaumont, who could have potentially found a concrete explanation for the phenomena, was found to have deliberately intended to release the Godslayer to eliminate all supernatural beings on the planet. His soul was lost in the multiverse, while his daughter Charlotte Beaumont went into a coma for nearly 20 years as a result of personal confrontations between the two. This left SomniLabs, the Guardians and other dreamwalking groups to pick up where Lewis and Charlotte left off. Little progress was made in terms of understanding the beings scientifically due to the threat levels monsters such as the akuma from Japan began to pose.


Shortly after Charlotte Beaumont awoke, a Guardian named Oliver Ore wished to help her finish her research. Oliver was a graduate student with a bachelor's degree in psychology. Over the course of seven months, they compiled their research into one paper. Charlotte recounted her dreamwalking experiences while in a coma, while Oliver used his family history including his grandmother's work with SomniLabs to seek out a way to make knowledge of dreamwalking understandable to the public.

Publication and distribution

The paper initially had difficulty getting recognized by the scientific community due to government laws put in place after the 1999 Apocalypse. However, the paper was later leaked online and began to gain public understanding. Only then did it officially get recognized, thus cementing Charlotte's and Oliver's place in history.