Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent

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Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent is an upcoming 3D fantasy RPG created with Unreal Engine 4 by Krayfish Entertainment. The game is based on the Dreamwalkers setting. An early prototype build is available to play for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.


User:Krayfishkarl started this project around 2016 when he was learning Unreal Engine for the first time. The idea behind it was to create a 3D JRPG involving a girl that was mysteriously transported to the world of dreams. He created a prototype game with an open world setting. However, the project was put on pause after a period of constant rewrites as well as unstable code. Krayfishkarl shifted his focus to Droplet: States of Matter - a 3D platformer which had seen a lot of development and work put into it. It became the most successful of the two projects having already received more than 2 years of active development.

After building his skills with Droplet, he felt confident once again revisit Dreamwalkers. However this time, he figured it was best to completely start from scratch with new assets and a new story. While he still kept the core idea of a girl being transported to the world of dreams, the game would feature a brand new plot and characters. Despite its setbacks, the game paved the way for a new shared universe consisting of many different short stories and characters documented in the Omniverse Nexus collaborative writing project.


Maria Martines is a young girl that is descended from two different tribes that practiced the sacred art of dreamwalking - the Ahona of Arizona on her grandfather's side and the Yumekage of the Devil's Sea in Japan on her grandmother's side. Her parents Xavier and Jesusita were scientists that sought to understand dreamwalking from a scientific perspective. To do this, they created the dream world Mobius to serve as a testing ground to experiment with dreamwalking powers. Maria and her sister Elvira were taken to Mobius as young children to have their powers evaluated and tested.

While both were exceptionally powerful, Xavier had begun to show favoritism towards Elvira. As Maria had been born with nonverbal autism, she had a difficult time communicating - something which greatly frustrated Xavier. After Jesusita expressed disapproval with his methods, their family began to grow apart. Before they could resolve their differences, Mobius became the battleground for the gods that had begun to wage an apocalyptic war against each other. Jesusita was a casualty in the conflict. Xavier and Elvira went off the grid to continue training their dreamwalking skills in order to one day exact vengeance for Jesusita. However, Maria was sent to live with her grandfather Leo to live a normal life way from dreamwalking.

Many years would pass as Leo continued to look after Maria. However, the same gods that destroyed Mobius also caused a new threat to appear - an all consuming void known as the Rupture which brought forth beings made of pure darkness known as Id. One of these Id mortally wounds Leo, forcing him into reincarnating as a cat. Leo in his new form decides to reintroduce Maria to the world of dreamwalking so that they could prepare themselves for the calamity the world is about to face. Perhaps finding Xavier and Elvira will give some clues as to how to stop the Rupture.

Playable characters


Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent is a JRPG-inspired game with semi-turned based elements. Every ability in the game has a charge time and cooldown time determined by a set amount of real-time seconds. An ability is cast when the charge time is complete and another ability cannot be used until the cooldown time expires. Multiple abilities have different charge times and cooldowns and thus, one must balance them carefully.


Main article: Soundtrack of Dreamwalkers: Sleep Descent

The 2016 version saw joint compositions by both Krayfishkarl and User:TheTimMan. However, following the restarting of the game's development, TheTimMan was unable to return to work on the game due to other commitments. Thus, Krayfishkarl is now the sole composer for the game.

The game originally used synthesized orchestral music in the style of the classic and romantic eras. However, the shift in the game's tone towards something more playful and less serious saw the need to change the style. While the soundtrack does keep the original orchestral feel, new elements to include rock and pop music were incorporated.