Draylin Erdo

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Draylin Erdo
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Born Zula, Triangulum Galaxy
Era Mid 21st century
Species Zula

Draylin Erdo is a member of a species of blue humanoid aliens known as the Zula who live in the Triangulum Galaxy. The Zula are a large galactic empire that travels to other planets via spaceships that can ride the gyrus. The Zula Empire is ruled by a council of magisters responsible for overseeing the use of magic and dreamwalking. Rivaling the Zula are the Goar, a powerful race of immortal warlock liches that practiced large scale necromancy - they would conquer planets to harvest souls for both fuel for their starships as well as building numbers in their armies of undead. The Zula and Goar have been fighting a galactic-scale war for over 1,000 years.

Draylin served as a paladin for the Zula, wielding a powerful sword and shield made of neutronium. He was the captain of the guard, leading the Emperor’s fleets into battle. However, when his ship was destroyed during a Goar ambush, Draylin went into an escape pod, but was lost in the gyrus and he ended up on Earth by coincidence. Draylin’s escape pod was found crashed in Antarctica sometime in the mid 2020s. Research teams discovered him unconscious in his cryopod. When he was resuscitated, Draylin found himself stranded on Earth. SomniLabs ran tests on him to understand his biology, but Draylin ultimately wanted to try to find a way back to his home galaxy to help in the war. Though the Zula species could manipulate objects around them, they were incapable of teleporting themselves through the gyrus like humans could. While Draylin could certainly share his knowledge with Earth, he was by no means a scientist. He was a soldier and knew more about fighting than he did about technology.

Draylin requested that humanity find a way to build a ship for him so that he could return home. SomniLabs made a deal with him. Draylin would join SomniCorps and serve humanity in exchange for them continuing to find a way to return him home.

It wasn’t too long after Draylin entered service that a few Goar appeared on Earth lead by a powerful commander named Praxis. Praxis, seeing the opportunity, decided to attempt to conquer Earth as a means of using the seven billion souls as fuel for a superweapon. If Draylin could not stop Praxis, Earth could be dragged into the war between the Zula and Goar which could cause catastrophic damage.