Dan the Dolphin

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Dan the Dolphin
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Organization SomniCorps
Species Dolphin
Abilities Is able to communicate with humans

Dan the Dolphin is a bottlenose dolphin who became a dreamwalker. When the world discovered whales were sapient, Dan happened to be in the area of a group of singing whales gathering for a ritual and overheard them speaking with one another. By accident, he discovered dreamwalking after he had intoxicated himself too much after chewing on a puffer fish. Through this method, he discovered astral projection and managed to appear in the inland surface world as a ghost. Using techniques the whales taught him, Dan is also able to communicate with humans.

Dan, however, isn't particularly smart. While he is intelligent enough to talk to others, he is not well-versed in common sense or basic logic. Most of the time, he would much rather be indulging himself on puffer fish toxin. He frequently hits on other dolphins and even some humans, but never holds a lasting relationship. However, his ability to dreamwalk caught the attention of SomniLabs. And when dangers of undersea Id became known, Dan was recruited by SomniCorps and disciplined by Arietta Fey. He became trained as an informant, communicating between the surface and underwater worlds.

Dan's recruitment is not new to the dreamwalking front. During the Cold War as well as later conflicts involving the United States, military dolphins were often used for both rescuing swimmers and clearing out mines. SomniLabs had attempted research to try to communicate with dolphins with little success. Dan's breakout ability in astral projection helped to provide that missing link between human and cetacean languages.