Confrontation of Vernietigen

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The Confrontation of Vernietigen is a series of events spearheaded by Amie Garland. It took place during the Apocalypse of 1999.


A Storm Approaches

The year is 1999. The foretold Apocalypse has occurred, ripping apart the veil between the physical and dream worlds. In the heavens, the gods battle one another in a conflict of ideals. As a consequence, their fighting has torn a hole in the sky. And creeping out of it an all-devouring monster known as Vernietigen, an entity that will eventually consume the entire universe. This hole is not yet visible from Earth just yet, but it has started to make its way through the dream worlds surrounding it. Vernietigen is carving its own path, destroying whatever gets in its way.

Though Vernietigen is still a very long way away from Earth, storms across the planet begin to appear heralding its coming. Hurricanes, tsunamis. And in Liberal, Kansas, tornadoes which threaten to destroy the town - the home of thirteen year old Amie Garland.

Amie’s house is located in a quiet countryside surrounded by flat plains and light forest. She lives with her mother and her pet ragdoll cat Chester whom she holds very dear. Amie is writing in her journal when the siren sounds off warning of an approaching tornado.

Amie's mother wants her to evacuate to the cellar. However, Amie discovers Chester is missing and insists to go find him. Amie is adamant in spite of the storm drawing very close. She goes out into woods desperately searching for him. The tornado is drawing near and trees are being knocked over. But as she goes deeper into the woods, she realizes she cannot find her way back out. It seemed that the trees around her have mysteriously shifted. A terrible storm is welling up in the woods and trees are falling down. Amie manages to take shelter in a nearby cave.

Amie cannot hide for long as she is greeted by the sound of a shadowy figure stalking her. Dark, black claws reach out trying to grab her, and she tries to run away. The world around her begins to warp and twist as she runs deeper into the cave. One of them strikes Amie in the back and pulls out her soul. Amie loses her bearing in the cave and falls into the darkness.

The Snowbound Vale

Amie mysteriously awakens to find herself in a snowy, forested, mountainous world called Snowbound Vale. Shards of ice and crystals float in the air of various sizes from tiny pebbles to whole continents. The sky swirls with overcast clouds and heavy snow. Not long after, she finds that her hands have turned to wool, her knees softened, and her hair became that of twine. When she stands up, she found herself having been transformed into a ragdoll.

Amie tries to recall how she got where she was, but somehow finds she cannot remember how she got there. Desperately, she looks into the journal in her satchel for an answer, but finds every page to be blank. In moments, memories of her family, her house and everyone else she knew vanished. She only knows that she is missing something, but not what it is.

Seemingly as a coincidence, Chester appears before her after a short time. Amie faintly recognizes Chester, but cannot remember how she got to Snowbound Vale. Somehow, Chester is able to speak and seems to know quite a bit as to what might be happening. While enigmatic, Chester does not seem to have any sinister intentions, and seeks to help Amie make sense of the situation. Chester promises that he can change her back into a human as soon as she accepts a task from the kachinas of the Ahona Desert. It takes some time for her to get used to her new ragdoll body. In an attempt to make sure she doesn’t lose track of anything, Amie decides to record everything she can in her journal. Perhaps she might be able to get glimpses of her lost memories.

Only a short time after, they encounter a small, yet malicious monster. Chester warns that it is a type of Id, and Amie must use her magic to defeat it. She will have to use her imagination and willpower to conjure a weapon. Not liking weapons in general, she hesitates and looks into her satchel. The only thing she has is a notebook and pencil. Out of instinct, she takes the two items and wields them as a lance and shield. The two items grow in size and Amie uses them to fiercely defend herself. She is clumsy, but she manages to defeat the Id with Chester's help. The pencil and notebook then return to normal size.

Uncertain of the ordeal that lies ahead, Amie hesitantly follows Chester. They ascend a snowy mountain to enter a cave made of crystals. It winds and twists in a maze, but Amie and Chester are able to navigate their way through it. Towards the end of the tunnels, they spot a very large Id called a Lutroth. The Lutroth mocks Amie and Chester for their futile attempts. Lutroth says that Vernietigen can't be stopped. More Id will be spawned as Vernietigen gets closer. Nonetheless, Amie and Chester work together to defeat the monster. It dissipates with a devilish grin.

Amie and Chester find a small grotto with the sky exposed above. A wooden door lies against the wall as the only artificial structure. From inside the grotto, they can both see a tiny black dot as a pinprick in the sky. Vernietigen is slowly approaching and there is little time to waste.

The Rite of Passage

Amie follows Chester through the door which leads to an open desert, a beautiful place with a surreal quality like that of being inside of a watercolor painting. But in spite of the world’s beauty, a blemish has ripped its way in the sky. Just as it could be seen in Snowbound Vale, the rupture can be seen here too. Also present are more monsters. They are few in number, but they are enough to pose a threat. Thankfully, the magic Amie learned from Chester is enough to fight them off.

Amie makes her way to the Kachina Village lead by the sage Trokila, a colorful hummingbird kachina. He explains to Amie that the Ahona Desert is a world created by the Ahona Tribe, an order dedicated to dreamwalking, the ability to willfully travel between Earth and the dream worlds. They are currently on Earth trying to protect it from the evil spirits that have invaded while they left the kachina to fend the world on the dream front.

Trokila explains to Amie that the hole in the sky is being caused by Vernietigen, the devourer of worlds. Only a pure-hearted spirit being can stop it. A human would normally be ineligible, but because Amie had lost her soul, she is functionally indistinguishable from the spirit beings that inhabit the dream worlds. Amie finds it strange that she was chosen. Trokila mentions that previous spirits have tried, everything from other kachinas to other spirits from other worlds, but they all failed. Amie is the first human to go against Vernietigen, and is the last hope before Vernietigen reaches Earth and destroys it.

In order to stop Vernietigen, Amie must undertake the trials of humanity. This is a process for spirits in the dream worlds to learn human emotions and ideas to become enlightened with knowledge. One must travel to different dream worlds and solve the local problems to be endowed with spiritual essence containing a lesson of humanity. With enough of these lessons, Amie would be able to become strong enough to defeat Vernietigen.

Her first task is to open herself up to be able to receive these lessons. Her immediate task is to go the Temple of Sun and Moon to perform a ritual. In the Temple of Sun and Moon, encounters many Id as a result of Vernietigen having drawn much closer. In spite of that, Amie managed to complete the ritual in the Temple of Sun and Moon. Trokila notes Amie’s amazing progress so far. He notes that she is far more gifted than any previous spirit. It took months of preparation for a regular spirit to complete the trials, but Amie did it quicker than anyone else.

Trokila directs Amie to an ancient structure known as the Library of Dreams which contains doorways leading to many different dream worlds. She can now begin her journey searching for lessons of humanity. Chester joins along to continue to guide her.

The Giant's Garden

The first world Amie arrives in is Giant’s Garden. It is a forested grove filled with beanstalks tended to by a giant named Gulliver. Here in the beanstalks live the Pixies who help to pluck the berries and fruits for harvest. Lately however, Pixies have been disappearing. Chester explains that this is an opportunity to locate one of the lessons, and thus, Amie is tasked with solving the problem.

Amie’s first course of action is asking the other Pixies if they saw anything. One particular Pixie named Perry explains that his sister Penny was among those who disappeared last night. He wants to personally find out what’s behind it and he decides to join Amie and Chester in the search.

After gathering enough information, Amie and company head over to Gulliver’s House. Fittingly for a giant, the house is enormous. Amie would stand no taller than a mouse in comparison. When they arrive, they discover Gulliver is upset that he misplaced the key to his house. If Gulliver were to leave, he would be locked outside. And in a fit of frustration, he stomps around the house endangering Amie and co. since they could possibly get stepped on.

With enough luck, Amie manages to calm Gulliver down. Gulliver was overwhelmed by all the bad things distressing him - the disappearance of the Pixies, falling behind on selling the fruits to the market, and now his lost key. Gulliver, now calmed down, agrees to help investigate the cause of the Pixies disappearing. He lifts Amie and co. with his hands to allow them an easy lift.

From Gulliver’s point of view, the same rupture visible from Ahona Desert can also be seen. Except here, it is slightly larger. Time must be running short so they needed to work with haste. Closer to the ground, Gulliver can see a trail of dying beanstalks. These must have been the first locations where Pixies were abducted. Gulliver carries Amie and co. through the dying beanstalks and finds a creepy old tree draped in spider webs. Dead shrubs surround it at the base. Gulliver concludes that this must be where the missing Pixies might have turned up. However, Gulliver is too large to have a look for himself, so he places Amie and co. on one of the tree branches to allow them to investigate. As they search, Gulliver helps to relocate them to different parts of the tree.

Eventually, Amie discovers that deep inside the tree is an area deeply covered in spider webs with unconscious Pixies trapped in the web. But the area is pitch dark, and a shadow creeps about. This creeping creature turned out to be a giant spider named Arachne, the one responsible for kidnapping the Pixies. Arachne senses that Amie and co. intend to free the Pixies, and thus, Arachne attacks.

Amie manages to defeat Arachne, and she yields. She reveals that she was once a woman who was cursed to become a spider because she defied the gods. Amie realizes that being stuck in the form of a ragdoll isn’t all that different. Amie went against her mother’s wishes, and she wished that she could apologize.

Arachne on the other hand was lonely. She kidnapped the pixies because she wanted someone to admire her beautiful quilts.She wanted someone to see her work, but was afraid of expressing herself because her form was terrifying. Arachne learned that her worth would be decided through her actions and not her appearance.

Arachne freed the Pixies from her web, allowing them to escape. Perry reunites with Penny happily and they lead the other Pixies to glow brightly to illuminate the inside of the tree. Their illumination showed off Arachne’s beautiful quilts, captivating Amie with a sense of wonder.

With these recent events, Amie feels suddenly enlightened. She had just acquired one of the lessons of humanity: Confidence.

The Pixies all return home though Perry decides to join with Amie and Chester to see the other dream worlds. Perry promises Penny that he will return again. Amie and co. then return to the Library of Dreams to go to the next world.

The Toys Without a Mistress

The second world Amie and co. travel to is the Toy Box. It is a large, bright and colorful city constructed out of wooden blocks and Rube Goldberg-style mechanisms. A towering mechanical, clockwork castle with gravity-defiant architecture sits as the centerpiece of the entire Toy Box. The inhabitants are all wooden puppets and solid figurines. Amie particularly stands out since she’s a plushy ragdoll.

Once more, the rupture still remains in the sky. Slightly bigger than it was in Giant’s Garden, but still very far away. Amie must act quickly.

The Toy Box was created many years ago by a young girl who has long since abandoned it after growing up. It’s been so long that the toys no longer remember what she looked like nor do they remember her name. They only know her as the Mistress.

So when Amie shows up, she is mistaken for being that girl and is thrown a huge welcome back party. Amie is offered lots of hospitality by the denizens, being lead to the castle and given a lot of luxuries from food to tea to a comfortable bed to rest in. She meets Chancellor Carroll and Commander Valentine who were once the Mistress’ right-hands, and the ones who had been running the kingdom in the Mistress’s absence.

But now that Amie was just coronated, she is suddenly tasked with running the kingdom. Carroll and Valentine provide Amie a list of responsibilities to “jog her memory” of what the Mistress once did and to account for the things that did not get done in the past ten years. The list of responsibilities takes the form of a long sheet of paper that extends across the floor. Amie, unable to explain the misunderstanding, decides to comply anyway and starts with the list of responsibilities from the top.

One of the first things Amie is tasked with is to approve a list of construction projects that went unfinished. She orders the repair of a few bridges that went into disrepair as well as the planning of a few new Rube Goldberg machines to open up new passageways. Amie also goes to collect resources from various toy mines - new building tools and raw wooden blocks.

However, as the list of responsibilities continues, a few of the workers begin refusing orders. They have started to notice that Amie seems very different than the Mistress. While Valentine believes that since Amie is the queen, the workers should continue to obey. But Carroll is having doubts.

Carroll challenges Amie with a series of questions about the Mistress. These questions, however, were particularly nonsensical and Amie fails to answer them according to what Carroll finds correct. As a result, Carroll exposes Amie as an imposter and leads a coup against her, throwing her in the dungeon. Valentine is also imprisoned as he decided to side with Amie. Immediately after, Carroll declares herself the queen. She believes that the real Mistress is forever gone and declares that the only way to continue is for Carroll herself to take over. She rules with an iron fist, redesigning the castle in the process to be darker and more dreary.

Though Amie and Valentine were trapped in the dungeon, Chester’s cunning allowed him to slip away. As a result, Chester was able to break them out of the dungeon. From here, Amie and Valentine need to formulate a plan. They escape and meet up with a rebel camp just outside of the city walls.

In the rebel camp, Valentine begins the plan to retake the castle. All those still loyal to Valentine and the Mistress are gathered to form an army. While Valentine is a commander, he defers to Amie for instructions as Amie is the closest thing to a true leader Valentine has. The plan is to lay siege to the castle gates and break in while a smaller team would go up and deal with Carroll.

The plan is executed. A civil war in the Toy Box is waged as the toys battle one another. Amie, Valentine and Chester make their way through the castle and eventually reach Carroll to confront her. Carroll fights back using her magic wand to cast spells, but Amie is eventually able to overpower her. Carroll surrenders and hands over the crown to Amie.

However, Amie denies the crown because the Toy Box isn’t her kingdom to rule. Instead, Amie suggests that Carroll have faith that her Mistress would one day return. Carroll laments the responsibilities of a leader to which Amie connects to. Acquiring the lessons of humanity and saving the world from Vernietigen is just as a strenuous task. But with this personal connection, Amie acquires a new lesson: Identity

Valentine decides that he needs to join Amie on her journey to help her save the world from Vernietigen. Carroll promises to rule fairly from this point on. As an apology, she makes her first task to gather the remains of the toys that were injured in battle and rebuild them again. It will take time, but at least Carroll is in the right mindset.

Amie and co. return to the Library of Dreams to travel to the next world.

The Scarecrow Child

The next world Amie and co. travel to is the Harvest Field. It is a wide open field dotted with many maple trees. Autumn leaves gently whisk away in the wind. A stone pathway with park benches and lampposts lead through a forest. In spite of the world’s serenity, Id still stalk these parts just like the other worlds. And the rupture has gotten very large in the sky.

Amie and co. follow the path to an Apple Orchard where a living scarecrow husband and wife live. Their names are Corvus and Corvi. While Corvus is initially unwelcoming, wanting them to leave, the kinder Corvi insists Amie be offered hospitality with some apple pie.

After the pie is finished, Amie’s initial question was to ask how she could help out. Corvus however is very dismissive and says Amie should leave. However, Amie presses on the point explaining that she needs to locate a lesson of humanity in order to stop Vernietigen. Corvus was triggered and decided to force Amie to leave saying she was no longer welcome. Corvi wanted to intervene, but she conceded and agreed that she needed to live. Amie, getting frustrated, becomes too persistent and Corvus physically kicks her out the door, locking her out.

Not willing to give up just yet, Amie decides to sneak around the back, navigating her way through the Orchard by taking a hedge maze in the back. As Amie is going through the maze, she sees a mysterious entity skitter by like a ghost. It was a younger scarecrow wearing a pumpkin mask and wielding a scythe. The scarecrow’s name is Magne, the son Corvus and Corvi and one of the previous spirit beings to have attempted to stop Vernietigen, only that he failed against him.

Upon seeing Amie, Magne gets jealous that she’s made so much more progress than he ever did in stopping Vernietigen. Thus, Magne attacks her and uses his scythe to steal the lessons Amie had collected so far. Magne quickly vanishes leaving Amie with nothing. Amie looks up to the sky once more seeing the rupture again, reminding her once more that she’s running out of time.

Desperately, she goes back to Corvus and Corvi and begs for help. Corvus concedes revealing that Amie’s journey reminded him too much of what Magne wanted to do. He did not want to see her fail again and wanted her to give up. The risk of going further to face Vernietigen meant confronting ideas and lessons that one would not want to hear. Though Magne had obtained the last lesson, he could not mentally handle it causing the ones that he had collected so far to vanish.

The two explain that Magne now works for a goblin man named Henkle Osborn who promised him the chance to become human (or more specifically a spirit being with all the qualities of a human) so that he could defeat Vernietigen. Corvus decides to go with Amie to confront Magne with Corvi staying behind to maintain the farm. Corvus boasts that in his younger days, he served the Toy Box Royal Guard, but retired to a farm after Magne was born.

Amie and co. travel alongside a lake, making their way through the countryside. They enter a grove with a mansion known as the House of Illusions. This is the location where Henkle lives and where Magne is said to be. When Amie knocks, no one answers, but instead, the doors swing open on their own. They find the inside of the mansion to be far larger than the outside. The rooms constantly reconfigure and shift around. And more dangerously, Id also stalk these parts.

Once Amie makes it through the maze, she is greeted by an elaborate scene of confetti and fanfare as Henkle congratulates her on making it through. He offers her a ticket to attend the Dark Carnival where Id are the audience. Henkle confirms Magne is present at the carnival but insists that she enjoy all the attractions. Amie remains frustrated since she doesn't have time to waste. However, Amie hesitantly accepts believing she can find Magne there.

Henkle uses his cane to rearrange the house to form the carnival. Ferris wheels and roller coasters spring up from nowhere, while the main attraction is a large circus tent.

Needless to say, Amie remains cautious being surrounded by Id. Most of the Id do not attack on sight but give her strange looks. They appear as goofy-looking creatures as opposed to something more sinister. Amie visits the different attractions looking for clues as to where Magne might be. She suspects that he might be in the circus tent, but only those who score enough points from all the games are allowed entry. Once again, Amie looks to the sky noticing the rupture has gotten even larger. It is at least twice as big as the moon.

Eventually, Amie does score enough points and is allowed entry into the tent. Chester warns her that upon going in, there might be no turning back. Amie, however, decides to proceed into the tent.

Inside, Henkle puts on a grand entrance to prepare for an “ultimate show” and narrates the events to follow. Crowd pleaser events occur on stage, but the audience is savage. One of the performers, a comedian, gets devoured by one of the audience members for a supposedly poor performance. Unexpectedly, Amie is called as a volunteer to perform on the stage.

Filled with dread and anxiety, Amie has to perform something. Improvising on the spot, she decides to show off her magical abilities gaining the audience's approval. A few Id go up on stage and try to eat her, but she manages to fend them off. Amie is congratulated on her performance and is met with praise.

However, Amie's act gets sabotaged when Magne appears on stage showing off that he has the lessons of humanity. He boasts that he is the real chosen one and Amie is just a fake imitator. Amie is horribly offended and tries to explain the situation that Magne is the actual imposter but the audience falls on deaf ears. The members of the goofy, wacky audience suddenly begin to transform into genuinely sinister counterparts as they stare down Amie with the intent to kill as they threaten and insult her. These are Hateeaters, a type of Id that revels in feeding off of anger and rage.

To make matters worse, Magne suddenly claims that the final lesson of humanity is to let go of the past by destroying it. Thus, he commands the entire House of Illusions as well as the carnival to transform into an airship with massive cannons. His intent is to destroy the Orchard.

The airship takes off into the sky while Magne teleports away to somewhere else in the ship. Amie and co. need to escape the room quickly to avoid the ravaging monster audience.

Amie and co. do everything they can to shut down the airship. They go to individual rooms, sabotaging everything they can. After confronting a few very powerful Id, the airship crashes near the Orchard.

Amie and co. step outside. Corvi, hearing the ruckus, joins up outside to see the crashed airship. Magne emerges, enraged that his attempt to obtain the final lesson failed. Corvus, Corvi and Amie try to convince Magne to give back the lessons he stole back to Amie. Just when Magne is about to do so, Henkle emerges saying he cannot allow that to happen. Henkle’s goal is to embrace the presence of Id - to promote discord, unrest and misery. He believes that this is the state of the world everything must be in. Even though Amie and the others protest that the presence of Id means Vernietigen draws closer, Henkle dismisses them, stating he simply doesn’t care. Henkle reveals himself to not just be an ordinary magician, but also a god - a god that is much like those fighting one another on Earth.

Henkle takes the lessons from Magne and crushes them into dust. In one fell swoop, everything Amie had done up to this point seemed for nothing. He’s looking to create a world to stamp out any sort of positivity, to revel in everything negative. And thus, everything must suffer. As Henkle begins to conjure up a spell strong enough to destroy the Orchard himself, Chester intervenes revealing his true power as a god as well. Chester stops Henkle by attacking him shadowy black claws. When Amie sees those claws, the memories of Amie’s moments shortly before arriving in Snowbound Vale suddenly return all at once. She comes to a haunting realization: It was not an Id that stole Amie’s soul. It was Chester.

At this point, Amie begins to question everything she’s done. She demands to Chester to return her soul, but Chester defends himself by claiming that he only stole her soul to use as a motivation to try to get her to achieve the lessons. He hoped that an actual human with an understanding of what it meant to be human would have been more up to the cast than the countless spirit beings that had tried to stop Vernietigen and failed. Amie calls him out on the rash method he used claiming that what Chester did was equivalent to kidnapping. Amie knows for certain that her mother is worried sick, and possibly that she thinks Amie did not survive the tornado that would destroy her house.

Henkle, however, clearly states that there’d be no purpose in going back, pointing up to the rupture. Due to the recent events in the Orchard, it had swelled many times, causing a white mist to roll in. Chunks of Harvest Field begin to vanish as the world begins to fall apart. Corvus and Corvi disappear as does Magne and Henkle. Perry and Valentine also disappear in the fog.

Out of desperation, Amie runs as fast as she can to the door leading back to the Library of Dreams. Though Amie does not trust him, Chester uses his black claws to pick Amie up and throw her through the door, allowing her to escape.

The End of the World

Amie makes it out of Harvest Field. The rupture in Ahona Desert is very large, but not yet close enough. Amie peers behind the door leading to Harvest Field, only to find there’s nothing there. Desperately, she checks the other doors in the Library of Dreams only to find they lead to nothing too. With the rupture very close to Ahona, even chunks of it were starting to disappear. It was inevitable that Amie was going to be consumed.

The rupture had torn a hole big enough so that planet Earth was visible. From Ahona, Amie could see Earth slowly dissolving away, the spirits of humanity scattering away and dissipating into the darkness. And with Chester gone, Amie realizes she is now forever trapped in the dream worlds, unable to do anything except wait for the rupture to consume her. She falls into a despair as she realizes she failed to stop Vernietigen. Seven billion people to include all the dreams they ever dreamt ceased to exist because of her. Amie Garland is the last surviving human as far as she knows.

Trokila, one of the few surviving kachinas, sees Amie in her defeated state and tries to reassure her. Amie laments that she never asked to be the one to stop Vernietigen. She recounts the events of Harvest Field to Trokila including the revelation that it was Chester that stole her soul. Trokila, however, reasons that Chester would not have saved Amie from the fog if he didn’t believe that she had a chance to stop Vernietigen. Putting another way, Chester believed in Amie.

Trokila explains to Amie that the most important lesson of humanity was the ability to recover from failure. But in order to do that, she would have to directly confront and embrace the darkness which Vernietigen is draping over the world. She would have to willingly enter the fog and navigate Vernietigen’s world of Golgotha. Perhaps by defeating Vernietigen, the Earth and the worlds that were consumed could be brought back. But if she were to fail, they would be gone forever.

Trokila conjures up a door that leads to a pitch black void. He tells Amie that when she’s ready to confront and face Vernietigen’s world up close, she should proceed. Having no other choice, Amie goes through the door. It slams shut and disappears, leaving her in the dark.

Golgotha, the Land of Forgotten Dreams

Amie stumbles around in the darkness. Mist and fog swirl around her, and she can hear the sounds of creeping beings. She makes out tall, lanky beings that stumble over in a hunched position. These are Griefeaters, creatures that revel in feasting off of despair and sadness. Amie has become a target.

As Amie goes deeper into the darkness, the Griefeaters become more alert towards her presence and they stalk her. As she goes deeper and deeper, she finds that she cannot avoid them and they increase more and more in number until they completely surround her. One of them manages to grab her, attempting to drag her away, but Amie resists. More Griefeaters grab onto Amie, attempting to pull her apart limb by limb.

Amie feels her limbs beginning to tear apart, but she resists. Through sheer force of will, the knitting that comprises her strengthens. In her head, she pictures Arachne and the strength of her web. Harnessing enough magical power, she breaks free of the Griefeaters’ grip. The mist begins to clear to reveal a fragment of Giants’ Garden. Perry is riding atop Arachne and they swoop in to help by driving out the Griefeaters.

Amie is glad to see them okay and thanks them for saving her. However, Perry and Arachne claim the opposite was true. They saw Amie’s force of will shining in the void and they just followed it. The battle is not over just yet. Arachne stays behind to wrap all the Griefeaters she can in web, and she tells Amie that she needs to make her way and find the source of the rupture. Perry rejoins with Amie once more and they go deeper into the darkness.

Amie and Perry come to a great chasm which they need to cross. Gulliver appears from the darkness saying he’s been fighting as well. He guides them by taking them across, but is interrupted when a massive, towering Id resembling a colossus made of rock appears. Gulliver quickly carries Amie and co. across, then stays behind to fend off the colossus using his raw strength. The path forward is cleared.

After progressing to the next area, they see thousands of glowing eyes. Hateeaters swarming in masses and rushing towards them. The darkness around them slightly brightens to reveal the remains of Toy Box. Carroll and Valentine are leading an equally sizable army of toys to take them on. Accompanying Carroll and Valentine is a new face: a young woman named Charlotte Beaumont. After many years, the mistress of the Toy Box had returned. Charlotte takes command of her army to clear a path for Amie.

Charlotte is fascinated with Amie and how she managed to get so far as well as how she’s managed to survive for so long without a soul. She thanks her for tending to her Toy Box which she had to leave behind for a very long time. She explains that on Earth, she was fighting her own battles, including intervening against a battle between two gods of light and dark. However, Vernietigen’s darkness had placed all of Earth’s inhabitants in a purgatory of sorts. She also adds that humanity can still be rescued as long as Amie continues forward. Valentine decides that he should accompany Amie the rest of the way, and Charlotte obliges.

Amie and co. finally reach a volcanic mountain that rises high above. Much of the darkness has subsided and they can see much more clearly. Green clouds swirl above while the thousands of Hateeaters lie below. They find Corvus and Corvi along the way up. The two of them had built an improvised rest house so that Amie could take a break. While Amie wants to continue, Corvi insists that she gather her strength and offers an apple pie. Rather unexpectedly, Corvus also agrees that Amie take a break. Everyone that Amie has met so far is fighting for her.

Amie asks about Magne, Henkle and Chester. All they know is that they must be at the top of the mountain. There is not much further to go. While Corvi remains behind, Corvus joins up with Amie to continue along the way. And finally reaching the top, they see that in place of lava is an endless abyss where Vernietigen lies.

The Final Battle

At the summit, Amie and co. find Magne and Chester standing off against Henkle. Henkle is annoyed that Amie got as far as she did. He expected her to give up when Vernietigen consumed the world. Henkle also claims to them that Vernietigen’s appearance is not actually causing Id to appear, but in fact, the increased amount of Id is the reason why Vernietigen is destroying everything. Vernietigen is doing little more than passing judgment on humanity. Henkle, being the twisted man he is, wants the world to go out with a bang for little more reason than curiosity. He hates humans, spirits and all good things and sees them as little more than play things.

To get things started off, Henkle posseses Magne forcing him to attack Amie. Chester joins in to help Amie defeat Magne. Through their efforts, they help Magne break free of Henkle’s possession. Chester, using his god-like power, manages to banish Henkle away to another dimension. With that action, Chester used the last of his strength and is exhausted. Even though Henkle was gone, Vernietigen was not.

Only a few moments later, blasts of energy emanate from the center of the volcano. Perry, Valentine, Corvus, and Magne whisked away off the mountain. Chester is about to be whisked away too, but at the last minute, explains to Amie that it is up to her from here. Vernietigen is showing his true form and only Amie, the pure hearted spirit with human qualities can defeat him. Chester is then forced away off the mountain, this time more directly saying that everyone is believing in her.

Rising from the volcano, an enormous, shadowy demonic being made of black smoke emerges. It has the figure of an emaciated man clutching his shoulders wrapped in chains. This was Vernietigen’s true form. Having no choice but to fight him, Amie calls out his name. The fate of humanity now depends on Amie Garland.

Amie uses her magical abilities to fight against him. Her abilities range from flying in the air and using her force of will to conjure up objects that could be used against Vernietigen. She is scraping away at Vernietigen little by little. The black smoke gives way to a fiery being lying below. All seems to be going well, but the battle takes a sudden turn for the worse. Vernietigen grabs Amie in the palm of his hand and crushes her. Her fabric skin and wool is burned away leaving behind a tiny crystal pebble. Amie appears to have died.

Only a few moments later, the pebble reforms Amie’s body and she continues the fight. Her force of will allowed her to continue. But even as Amie continues the fight, Vernietigen destroys her body once more. And Amie reforms herself. Vernietigen, catching on to this, tries an assortment of different ways to kill her. Every time Amie dies, she comes back to life again.

As Amie is killed over and over again, second thoughts cross her mind, but she thinks back to all her lessons. Even though Henkle had destroyed them, her memories of them replayed themselves in her head and she reforged the will to continue. Everyone was fighting for her and doing everything they could to ensure Amie succeeded. Somehow, she could hear the encouraging words from all those she met throughout the dream worlds again.

Amie did not know how long Vernietigen had been killing her over and over again, but as Amie endured, she began to realize that Vernietigen was slowing down. Even the god of destruction was getting exhausted. That was when Amie called out his name again. She asked why Vernietigen was doing what he was doing. That was the moment when Vernietigen stopped attacking her.

Surprisingly, Vernietigen was able to speak. Vernietigen confirmed Henkle’s assertion that he was destroying the world because of the Id. The Great Spirit had commanded him to pass judgment on humanity because of all the sin of mankind. Vernietigen was intended to be the executioner of mankind with the intent to reset the world to how it was before. To start over from scratch after all the mistakes the Great Spirit had made from giving humans the ability to dreamwalk to allowing the other gods to fight one another.

Amie begs to Vernietigen that the Great Spirit meant for humanity to survive. Otherwise, he would not have allowed Amie to undertake the trials. She pleads to give humanity one more chance to set things right. It was then that Vernietigen understood why he couldn’t destroy Amie. Amie, having acquired the trials of humanity, made her the symbol of hope for the future even in the darkest of times, a position that Amie admittedly did not want but had to do it since no one else could.

Thought it was hard to see, Vernietigen shed a single tear. It was at that moment that Vernietigen retreated back to the abyss. The world around her turned to a serene, peaceful white. It was in this white void that Amie saw Chester. And behind him was a bright glowing light. Audience to Something Profound

Chester tells Amie that he is in fact a servant of the Great Spirit. He was sent by him to choose a human that could undertake the task to defeat Vernietigen to see if humanity was worthy. Chester admits that the Great Spirit knows that mistakes were made. The Great Spirit wanted to start over, but a person like Amie proved him that he should not.

The Great Spirit, now seeing that it was worth giving humanity a second chance, removed the veil of darkness over Earth and putting things exactly how they were just before Vernietigen consumed it. The Great Spirit cannot undo the natural disasters that were caused by the other gods fighting, but has confidence that humans can recover and move on. The Great Spirit also warned that Id will always exist and Vernietigen will return again someday, but he has faith that humanity will figure something out.

Chester, wanting to apologize, returns Amie’s soul to her. With that, Amie transforms from a ragdoll back into a human. She breathes a sigh of relief and nearly cries. The Great Spirit as a gift also grants her the knowledge of the ability to dreamwalk between worlds. It is up to Amie whether the knowledge should be shared with the rest of the world, but all Amie wants to do is to go back to live the rest of her life normally. Chester grants her request and conjures a wooden door behind her. Amie waves Chester goodbye and leaves.

Returning Home

After Amie steps through the door, she finds herself awakened on a hospital bed. Her mother is crying of joy that she is alright. According to her, Amie was apparently unconscious and trapped under rubble due to the tornado that destroyed their house. Firefighters rescued her and she had been taken to the hospital. Amie asks if Chester was ever found, but her mother regrettably tells her that he wasn't. Amie is saddened by the loss, but her mother reassures her that Amie is alive still. Amie is relieved that Earth is now returned to how it was. She had succeeded.

Amie asks her mother to give her some space so that she can write her thoughts in her journal. All the pages that had turned blank were filled in once more - diary entries about her time in school. Amie decided to fill the rest of the journal with recollections of her time in the dream worlds. She was not quite sure whether or not it was real, but she wrote it all down anyway as if it were real.

The very last journal pages were peculiar for Amie. What followed after writing about the Great Spirit was a series of seemingly random numbers and letters and glyphs in a forgotten language. Amie wasn’t quite sure what she was writing, but wrote it anyway.

Tired from all the writing, she sets her journal to the side and falls asleep. She briefly flickers her eyes thinking she just saw Chester sleeping and purring next to her. But for now, she finally gets some well-deserved rest.


Approximately twenty years later, Amie is in her thirties. She is visited by a woman who goes by the name of Charlotte Beaumont. Amie faintly recalls the name but cannot remember where she heard the name. Charlotte asks Amie is she happens to have a journal that she wrote at the age of 13. Amie is curious by Charlotte’s request, but Charlotte explains that she believes her journal has some connection to the recent phenomena of supernatural creatures that have lived on Earth since 1999.

Amie checks the attic and finds the old journal which had aged quite a bit. When Charlotte reads the last few pages with the random letters, numbers and glyphs, she smiles and laughs with intrigue and claims it to be the discovery of the century.