Code of the Karalian Empire

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The Karalian Imperial Code is the law system that elaborates upon what individuals within the KE can and cannot do.

Entitled rights

Other than a handful of freedoms such as the ability to carry a weapon or the ability to rise in financial status, freedoms are relatively few in number with only just enough to reduce the risk of revolution.

Jamzezism is considered the official religion. Those who practice it are exempt from certain taxes.

All official government newsletters, before publishing, must be verified for factual accuracy in order to prevent the spread of false information. Early in the KE's formation, this ability was greatly misunderstood and even abused. While censorship still remains, fact-checking abilities have significantly improved.

Adult Drallans are also required by law to have cursory knowledge and structure of the KE. Exhibiting ignorance is considered a low level crime.

Crime System

The KE has a strict crime policy. Most offenders are required to compensate for their crime somehow. However, more severe crimes result in execution.

Level 1

These are petty crimes. Among these include ignorance or stupidity outside of an academy or "leeching" off of someone else for money. If caught in the act, the offender is sent to a remedial insitution until they overcome the issue.

Level 2

This consists of crimes such as theft. The offender has to pay a fine twice the value of the goods they stole, which are promptly confiscated. If they cannot afford it, they must undergo community service, the amount of time depending on the amount they stole.

Level 3

This consists of crimes such as smuggling and illegal immigration. The offender is exiled outside of KE territory. Any children of the offender born inside Vaikan territory are sent away as well.

Level 4

This consists of crimes such as assault. The offender has to spend time in jail depending on how badly injured the victim was.

Level 5

This consists of crimes such as murder, treason or betrayal. The punishment is execution often either on the spot by an Iggy or via a firing squad.

Miscellaneous bannings

There are several notable actions that are banned by the KE government. Among them include the following:

  • Owning and trade of unpaid servants.
  • Use of narcotics and other emotion-enhancing drugs for recreational purposes.
  • The development and distribution of sapient artificial intelligence.