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"Your prayers are meaningless to a Lord with deaf ears. I shall be your escort to eternal torment."

The Chimera is a three-headed monster that inhabits Shachor.


The Chimera has a therapod-type body standing on two legs and two arms resting at the sides. The Chimera, although displaying some reptilian traits, is said to be a mammal as it is covered in long crimson fur. The prominent head is that of a wolf-like creature but with an extension from its head resembling a pointed hat. The middle head is that of a shaggy haired dog and the last head resembles a tiger with snake-like fangs. The tail is wiry with a small dragon head at the end.

The Chimera is also capable of telepathic speech, able to converse with others wandering nearby. Being a monster born as an Id, the Chimera feeds off of restless souls who have been driven into total madness and sorrow giving up all hope of ever finding peace. As such, it will inflict physical harm and mentally taunt its prey before consuming to expunge them of all emotions except for dread and despair.