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Phase II of Chaos Crisis consists of a series of military conflicts from the awakening of VERN to the neutralization of Minos-Vaskus. Phase II is considered the longest phase, lasting from 2142 AD to 2173 AD.

Stone Ring conflicts

Main article: Stone Ring Conflicts

Nation across the galaxies start claiming newly activated Stone Rings for themselves for the purpose of fast transportation. Soon tensions between nations grow exponentially, shown with the increasing unsuccessful efforts of the Galactic Senate to keep the peace. VERN also begins controlling citizens to activate more Stone Rings.

Gimheldt Dispute

Main article: Gimheldt Dispute

A conflict over territorial rights in the Gimheldt system led to a firefight between the EIT and the Karalian Empire. The dispute was later resolved, but it was the beginning of an economic decline for the Karalian Empire.

GSSOC-Vanguard Contact

Main article: GSSOC-Vanguard Contact

The planet Ilion is under attack by a new threat to the galaxy - The Ritosian cyborg Rayzon attacks a public square while Ci'Raan and Ci'Rike lead a break-in spree. As a means to counter this attack, the GSSOC members Etah Owar, Linus Fritjof, Galiana Arcad and Gaedheal are sent to the planet. After a fierce battle with the extra-galactic threat, they discover a mutated Carapellex baring similarity to the disease inflicted upon Altus Infra prior to his death. Upon defeating the creature, the GSSOC are shocked to discover the identity of the orchestrator of this attack.

War Between Vaikan States

Main article: War Between Vaikan States

Nearly two thousand years of contempt between the Karalian Empire and SCP reached its final threshold when territorial rights over Stone Rings were disputed. The Galactic Senate did everything in its power to stop the conflict from getting any worse, but they failed. A violet, cataclysmic war would eventually lead to the destruction of both civilizations, leaving behind thousands of petty dictatorships.

Fortunately, the last remnants of true Vaikan civilization survived in the Andromeda Galaxy, offering technology to the Mizani Empire in exchange for political asylum.

Return of the Skojan

Main article: Return of the Skojan

Crusade against VERN

Main article: Crusade against VERN

VERN begins to conquer the Milky Way in 2152 AD after a multitude of Stone Rings are activated.

Roxas, after making a deal with the Harbingers of the Milky Way, revives the Dark Warriors to fight Verneitigen. He then begins a crusade to fight against VERN's worshipers and shut down the Stone Rings. Once a major batte between the two occurs in public, other nations finally realize the threat of Verneitigen and fight back against his influence.

Battle of the Gehenna Galaxy

Main article: Battle of the Gehenna Galaxy

Minos-Vaskus finally start reaching the other galaxies with greater speed. With no time the waste, the only solution found is to send a suicide fleet of ships packed to the brim with negative matter.

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