Chaos Crisis/Phase I

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Phase I of Chaos Crisis consists of a series of military conflicts from the Carapellex interception to the invasion of the Promised Land. Phase I took place over the course of the year 2142 AD.

Carapellex Interception

Main article: Carapellex Interception

The Batra is sent to intercept a Carapellex cruiser transporting a data module, the Batra manages to dissable the cruiser, but the Carapellex launch the module out via escape pod.

Hunt for the Data Module

Main article: Hunt for the Data Module

The members of the GSSOC try to find the Omni data module that the Carapellex has smuggled in. However, things become difficult when the Altusian Brotherhood tries to get their hands on it as well.

Discovery of Debesis

Main article: Discovery of Debesis

Through the Omni data module, the Altusian Brotherhood had discovered a hidden defunct Omni capital world located in the Greenwater Nebula. The GSSOC discovers it at well and plans to stop Infra using it for his own purposes.

Battle of the Promised Land

Main article: Battle of the Promised Land

The Galactic Senate sent fleets of ships through the Greenwater Stone Ring to fight off Altusian Brotherhood forces while GSSOC was sent to the surface to dispatch the AB's leader, Altus Infra.