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The Canal Carvers were an ancient race that inhabited Polemar when it was far more hospitable to life. Their civilization was destroyed by demons, becoming a shadow of their former self. The original name of the Canal Carvers is lost to history as "Canal Carvers" is an exonym given by astronomers on Emsius.


Canal Carvers were tall humanoids with green skin, large black eyes, two antennae and pointed ears. Despite their towering height, Canal Carvers were thin, very fragile beings standing at seven feet tall. Thus, they had to cooperate in large groups to survive.


The Canal Carvers initially thrived in an idyllic, perfect environment. Their culture centered on architecture, progress and pacifism. Canal Carver philosophy dictated that any conflict could be solved through diplomacy and peace. Because of this, prior to the demon invasion, there was no such thing as a Canal Carver soldier.

As their name suggested, the Canal Carvers are responsible for digging out the massive trenches seen on Polemar's surface. They were meant to serve as waterways to cross between former oceans.

Although largely non-violent, the Canal Carvers eventually begun to lead a life style based on hedonism and vanity which were said to either spawn or attract the attention of demons living below the surface. After gathering in very large numbers, the demons eventually attacked out of pure bloodlust. Having no efficient means to defend themselves, the Canal Carvers along with Polemar's vibrant ecosystem were no more. However, the intervention of the spirits caused the demons to be sealed in a rift through Hell which allowed the Canal Carvers to last at least several hundred more years as a civilization, albeit in a desert wasteland.

During this new post-apocalyptic era, Canal Carvers would focus on technological advancement for the sake of survival, although the old ways of pacifism became increasingly difficult to follow as resources dwindled.