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Caelestis is the fifth planet from Solus in Miraculum Chronicles. It is the realm of the spirits.

Physical characteristics

Caelestis has a large core that holds together a sky far larger than Emsius. As it is far from the sun, it is obscured in permanent twilight, and thus, the sky always appear orange. The core radiates a powerful gravitational field that allows continents to float in mid air. These continents are mostly mountainous covered in taigas and tundras, though they vary in biomes just as much as Emsius.

The core itself is a land known as Terra-Marduk which is largely inhospitable consisting of an endless expand of desert.


Caelestis is home to numerous types of spiritual beings and large animals such as rocs. While most plants grow on the floating continents, some of the more exotic types float in the air.

Points of interest

Unending Storm

The Unending Storm is a lightning storm that has been raging since the planet's creation. According to legend, it is a literal mark of the wrath of the gods.

Silver Citadel

The Silver Citadel is a holy, floating city where Asmos himself is said to reside. The front gates have two grand statues built in the likeness of abstract divine beings.