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Approximate location of the Bronta

The Bronta is one of the largest deserts in Coracan, covering more than a third of the Torican continent.


The Bronta is surrounded on three sides by mountains. This rain shadow effect causes very little rain to fall in the region. The name Bronta comes from the Brontan civilisation that used to inhabit the green Bronta in the silver age.


Hot and dry.


The Bronta can be divided into three main regions.

In the east, the ground is rocky and semi-arid. This is the most populated part of the desert. The town of Ischa is found at the edge of this zone.

The south of the desert is a savanna, which slowly transforms northwards into the sandy interior.

Flora and Fauna



The Brontans were a Silver-age civilisation that once inhabited the green Bronta. Their empire covered nearly all of Torica and parts of Eyoa.


The Bronta is mainly inhabited by the Woscha people. According to their oral tradition, they are the ancestors of the Brontans and have many stories of the pivotal time when their green lands turned to useless dust.