Bella Ore

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Bella Ore
Nationality American
Citizenship American
Species Human
Parents Evan Ore (father)
Family Bernard Ore (uncle), Oliver Ore (cousin)
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Bella Ore is a young Ahona shaman is the daughter of Evan Ore. She is a student of the Martines Academy of Supernatural Phenomena or MASP.


Bella has long black hair and brown eyes. Bella uncharacteristically wears winter wear including a beanie, scarf and jacket even during the hot summer months in Phoenix, Arizona. Her reasons for doing so are not entirely clear, but it's something she passes off as being deviant in fashion.


Bella is cheery and upbeat, but also lacking in self-control. Though she is socially awkward, she is very playful and extroverted always looking out for her closest friends. Bella has an enormous appetite, especially for chocolate and sugar. In her defense, it is often her source of energy to fuel her magic. However, her cravings are very difficult to satiate. Bella also shows little sense of awareness of other’s personal space. When in a playful mood, she has an irresistible urge to poke others much to the annoyance of some of her companions.

Despite her playful demeanor, she shows reservations when it comes to being fully trained in dreamwalking. She has little interest in showing long term commitment to ideas which she believes may put herself and others in danger. As such, she does not feel particularly motivated in her studies at MASP.