Arietta Fey

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Arietta Fey
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Born 12 August 1983
Organization SomniCorps
Species Human
Abilities Super strength

Arietta Fey (codenamed Army Ant) is a woman who was born with a disease that made it difficult for her body to process nutrients. Though she was well into her mid 30s by the time the Dreamwalking Thesis was published, Arietta appears as if she were barely a preteen. Having grown up sick and weak, she was trained in dreamwalking to overcome her illness and sustain herself by absorbing the energies from the dream world. As a side effect of using dreamwalking energies, she unintentionally developed a form of super strength. Though her natural body struggles to develop muscle, Arietta’s energy channeling gives her the ability to lift nearly any large object, as she is also able to push against the ground to make sure she doesn’t sink. Her signature moves often involve throwing large boulders and automobiles at her foes at high speeds, and in theory, she’s capable of lifting a skyscraper.

Most people at first glance mistake Arietta for a young child given her appearance and voice, but her wisdom and general demeanor immediately give her away as someone much older. In SomniCorps, Arietta is often involved with construction or demolition projects, but usually she trains new recruits. She is infamously known for her brutal, punishing teaching methods, but ultimately, she means well.

Because of Arietta’s deficiency in nutrients, she has a soft spot for any sort of protein bar or sugar treat. However, she is not to be tempted or bribed especially by another recruit.