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Archei is a very long mountain range located both on Andavronia and Obreidhion. Located along a great fault line, Archei goes across the ocean floor connecting the two continents to one another. On the eastern end, it intersects perpendicularly with the Khios Mountains, and some of the peaks that go underwater rise above sea level, forming an island chain known as the Archei Isles.

Hosting a variety of resources such as mithril and gold, Archei was originally settled by tribes of roving Dwarfs who are known today as the Archei Clans.

Points of interest

Grand Railway

One of Archei's most notable locations is an enormous subway tunnel that connects Andavronia and Obreihdion which allow for easy transport all throughout the Archei regions. Individuals can travel to the surface through elevator lifts.