Anti-Necromancy Riots

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The "Anti-Necromancy Riots" of 4839 AS were a set of disturbing and violent events of terrorism, torture, discrimination and hardships.

They were set up by a group of terrorists who were named by the media as "Anti-Necroes". These events were actually made by the juvenile time of the elves of the UOFPEERS founding four. When they set up mock-propaganda against the Necromancers and a march to express belief events got out of hand.

Several unnamed individuals started to break into houses of Necromancers and bring them outside for public executions. Several others started caging them and torturing in various methods while onlookers were stopped from interfering by other Anti-Necromancy mobs.

The founding four were unaware of these events until afterwards but by the end of the riots there were at least over two hundred killed.

Over the course of the next few months these individuals planned more riots and executions in Shuang but slowly tumbled in influence once a powerful Auramancer fought against them for freedom of his family, which were likely killed in the riot.

The law enforcement had difficult times tracking down the terrorists but never got to the bottom of it, mainly thanks to the intervention of Atropos, Goddess of the future who decided to spare the founding four from this ordeal as they would go on to create the UOFPEERS corporation.