Angel of Death

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Angel of Death
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Other names Todang-ma (Osgal)
Residence Theogerousia, Primanna
Occupation Psychopomp-General
Years active unknown-present
Era Modern
Organization Metaparliament
Children Oblivion, Chaos, Malice and Decay

The Angel of Death is a powerful primordial god in Coracan whose origin is unknown. She has a permanent unelected position in the Metaparliament as Psychopomp-General, which she has held since the Metaparliament's creation. This position, however, is mostly independent of the workings of the parliament.


There have been few recorded descriptions of the Angel of Death which describe several different appearances. The most common description is that of a beautiful woman with vague features. Sometimes, she appears more human, often like a deceased loved one that the observer lost, sometimes she appears more like a statue and other times she appears shining white and featureless with enormous, butterfly-like wings.


The Angel of Death's origins are unknown. Every known memory records her having existed previously. Even before the existence of the Metaparliament, she has always been leader of the psychopomps and, as a consequence, has had little time for personally guiding many of the newly-deceased. Sightings and descriptions of her are rare even among the dead, let alone the living.

From what has been described, however, she has changed little over her exceptionally long life, even more so than the triarchs themselves. Historically, she has been described as near-emotionless and impassive. Her occupation is a busy one. Managing a bureaucracy of psychopomps responsible for guiding a planet's worth of dying people takes up most of her time.

She is known for extreme patience, even with truly horrible beings.

Personal interventions

Generally, the Angel of Death avoids directly meeting other beings outside of the psychopomps she manages. However, it is not unknown for her to occasionally show kindness and personally offer guidance to the dying, favouring the poor, orphans and widows while snubbing the rich and powerful.

Rarely, a person who dies has so annoyed and enraged her that she personally torments them.


Generally, though, she does not pass judgement, even to murderers and rapists, especially if they have already received punishment in life. A key policy of hers is that psychopomps do not exist to judge the dead and that they should guide the newly deceased through their transition as impartially as doctors, who treat all their patients regardless of any crimes they may have done.

Recent changes

Like many other gods and metabeings, the Angel of Death is not immune to the rise of interconnected, fast popular culture in Coracan changing her personality. Today, she fluctuates between her long-term personality and various reimaginings of her, including a chipper version.


The Angel of Death is the only known spirit in Coracan that actively rejects worship (which many metabeings rely on to exist). To her disappointment, this has not stopped the formation of death cults which focuses on her rare acts of judgement.