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Star Dulor
Type Carbon planet
Satellites None
Gravity 5.5 G
Orbital distance 0.7 AU
Day length 215 standard days
Year length 215 standard days
Diameter 52,432 km
Axial tilt Zero
Average 1000 K
Minimum 700 K
Maximum 4000 K
Composition None
Surface pressure Zero
Population 1.2 billion
Imports Deuterium
Exports Diamond

Andomar is a rare, carbon planet which orbits the pulsar Dulor.

Physical characteristics

Andomar is rich with carbon and poor in oxygen. The sky is full of ionized gas emitting red, blue and yellow. At four billion years old, the planet is tidally locked. The day side is incredibly hot with a slowly eroding surface while the night side is obscured in permanent darkness. Even so, the dark side is a scorching 700 K.

Andomar was formed sometime after Dulor went supernova. It has a dusty, carbide crust on the surface and a kilometer thick layer of diamond. Below, the planet has a carbide mantle and an iron-nickel core.  The diamond layer is at an easy to reach 5 kilometers from the planet's crust.


While the radiation from Dulor and the high gravity makes Andomar uninviting, the presence of diamond and nanodiamond nuggets below the planet's crust makes it extremely valuable. The Diamond Rush of Andomar was a famous event that would later lead to the Andomar Cold War when provinces in the Karalian Empire begun threatening one another with antimatter weapons when claims over certain regions of the planet were being disputed.

While Andomar also has traces of Dragonrock in the core, this substance remains unexploited as its location is not considered nearly as cost efficient as Krizaelius. The kilometer thick layer of diamond has been the planet's primary attraction.


Like Krizaelius, Andomar is dotted with mines that reach down into the diamond layer. The day side remains unexploited as the Karalian Empire lack the technology to set up proper settlements, but the night side is packed to the brink with mining facilities. From there, large underground networks and factories extend throughout most of the planet. Orbital civilian establishments remain high above the planet in the night side.