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"By consequence, he also had become the guardian of dimensions. For the disturbances between them threatens the cycle of the multiverse. And if the multiverse and it's life ends, so too will he."
―From an old Lycanoi myth

Aeveon is the Titan of Eternity, and a very old one at that. After the death of his brother Titan Vitaen, he took the role as the Titan of Life as well. For many ages, through all the universes, he has made sure that the multiverse, and with it life itself, never perishes. Thus, he isn't totally against Verneitigen be freed, as long as the multiverse itself is recreated as part of the cycle the Titan King ordered.

Though he isn't worshipped, Aeveon is held in high esteem by many of the Lycanois who survived the destruction of their galaxy, though there are some who hate him for destroying it in the first place. Also, it is thought that he helped evolve the Eithrael, as well as saved the Moggolia by destroying the comet that was heading towards their planet.


In the mortal multiverse, he usually takes one of two appearences. Most often, he appears as that of a ethereal humanoid, power glowing from his very skin. Also, spines and horns form from his back and shoulders, sometimes his head if he is angered.

Aeveon in his beast form

Rarely, he appears as an ethereal lion. Much like his humanoid form, power glows from his fur and skin, and two large spines grow from his back.


"You fool, do you truly want chaos to reign over this universe?! If not, then halt your actions! The Vaikan must not be banished! You are breaking your oath!"
―Aeveon trying unsuccessfully to convince Marana to not banish the Vaikan to Ucharpli

Being a Titan of Eternity, he has only interfered in mortal affairs when he believed that the eternity of the universe could be compromised. In those few cases, he has been shown to be adamant about his beliefs and will not stand down, even fighting Marana when he believed banishing the Vaikan to Ucharpli could cause great chaos that would eventually lead to the end of the multiverse forever.

However; when not angered, he has been known to be caring. When destroying the Lycanoi's galaxy, he saved the Lycans because he felt sorry about destroying their home. He also saved the Moggolia's planet as he felt sorry for them as well. It's still unknown why he might have evolved the Eithrael, though it is speculation that he intended them to be helpers to him.


Aeveon, along with his two brothers Vitaen and Sortis, was created by "I" the Titan King out of the darkness of space and the light of one of the very first stars of the universe. Wanting to make sure that the cycle of life and destruction he had implimented would be kept, he made them the three Titans of Eternity, Life, and Fate, respectively. Aeveon would make sure the cycle would continue forever, Vitaen made sure there was always life in the universe, and Sortis would help start the cycle again when the time came.

At first, all was well. Aeveon made sure nothing threatened the universe or Verneitigen, Vitaen helped the other Titans make life in the universe, and Sortis watched the threads of fate for the time when Verneitigen had to be realeased. However; when the universe before the current one had to be destroyed, Vitaen couldn't take it. Time and time again all of his beloved creations would be destroyed. He had enough of it. So, when Verneitigen started destroying it, Vitaen tried to stop him. Unfortunantly; Vitaen was able to stand against the immense power of Verneitigen, and he was destroyed along with the universe.

This death caused a shock to his brothers. Sortis fell into a deep depression, and fell into a eons long sleep in the Lycanoi's galaxy core. Aeveon, meanwhile, took on his brother's role, and along with the other Titans helped imprison Verneitigen even though he knew it was both futile and went against what he had been created for. Thus, he decided to make sure order was kept throughout the multiverse, so that Verneitigen would never need to be released again.

He kept his oath when, in a dream, he saw that two races originating from Marana would cause immense chaos in the universe. Going to her, he asked that she not create what would eventually be the Eteno and Vaikan. However; she refused and the two started a fierce argument. It almost came to blows, but fortunantly Krayhan was able to make a comprimise between them. Aeveon would let the race live as long as Marana kept them in order. Agreeing, they both parted ways.

Aeveon would again come to Marana when she planned to banish the Vaikan. Accusing her of breaking her oath, he demanded her to either not banish the Vaikan, or move aside as he destroyed the Vaikan and the Eteno. Marana would not have it either way, and the two began a vicious duel. Once again, Krayhan intervened, stopping the two from fighting. Since it was he who inadvertantly caused Marana to banish the Vaikan, he promised to become the Vaikan's guardian, and make sure they were kept in order. Relunctantly agreeing once again, Aeveon left.

After that time, he stayed in the Hub, regularly checking the multiverse for signs of high chaos. Soon though, he learned that his brother had awoken, and had meet a terrible fate. Sortis, who had finally woken up to restart the cycle as it was the universe's time, had battled with a great demon named Nagaa. She had feared that Sortis would cause the destruction of the Demons by waking Verneitigen, and tried to stop him. Though she was destroyed, the balance of light and darknes within Sortis had been broken, and he split into two powerful beings: Felanthios and Boreanth. When Aeveon reached the galaxy where his brother had been split, he discovered something terrible. A race there called the Araxiel had learned to use the residual energy from the seperation of Sortis in order to somehow travel inter-dimensionally. Fearing that this would cause the destruction of the multiverse itself, he destroyed the galaxy and wiped out the Araxiel. Fortunantly, he saved many of the Lycanoi from destruction, including Lucanor, who now held Felanthios and Boreanth as the Chaosheart and Saintheart.

After this, he returned to the Hub, only to find out that the Eteno and Vaikan had destroyed the Harbingers. Furious that he could not prevent his vision from starting to become reality, he planned to destroy the two races, whether Krayhan or Marana liked it or not. However; Dominion convinced Aeveon to spare them, as he knew they were important if Verneitigen was to be stopped from destroying the multiverse. Though he agreed, Aeveon still holds a very nasty grudge against the two races.

Epoch Amulet

The Epoch Amulet was a tool that Aeveon created for his servants in order to help him patrol the multiple universes before the current ones. Though he held the original, his servants all had copies. The original amulet used the power of Aeveon himself in order to create a portal to different dimensions. However; the replicas manipulated energy that was apparent in all the universe to force an opening for them to travel through. However; the replicas and all of Aeveon's servants were destroyed when Verneitigen destroyed the previous universe. Since then, it seems Aeveon has not made new servants (or has tried with the Eithrael), so only the original amulet currently exists.