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Defence Council
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Unicameral
Chairman of the Vashkurum Paron Vakat
since 14 Luksaris 531 TE
Established 25 Kalleris 493 TE
Members 141
Meeting place
Starbase 2, Brihesh

The Defence Council of the United Communes (Mavibi: Vashkurum) is the institution within the United Communes government responsible for the command and coordination of the United Communes Defence Force. As an elected body, the Vashkurum's electorate is the combined commissioned personnel of the Defence Force. Members serve indefinite terms which end at their death or resignation, and elections occur as needed. Each of the 140 ordinary members of the Vashkurum represent a military constituency — a grouping of units that exists solely for electoral purposes. The Defence Force at-large also elects the Chairman of the Vashkurum, who serves as the presiding officer of the Defence Council and is in effect the commander-in-chief of the United Communes military.