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Early history

Much of the early history of the Federation, as well as Karnasaur history prior to the Federation's formation, remains shrouded in myth and legend. While the Karnasaurs were excellent record-keepers, many of these records were lost after the Federation's collapse or locked away on Karnas. However, recent archaeological discoveries have revealed clues as to the true origins of Arkarnas.

What little evidence is available suggests that the Karnasaur Meritocratic Federation's history stretches back at least 40,000 years. Around that time, Karnas came to be unified under a single political power after several centuries of space exploration and expansion by the various nation-states that had then covered the planet. The Federation was founded on principles first espoused by Baba Yetu, a prominent Karnasaur philosopher. The KMF was the first major application of what would become Karnasaur meritocracy in the planet's history. Yetu's philosophy called for a strict hierarchy, with all Karnasaurs being born into the lowest tier of citizenship and required to earn promotion to higher castes. Ēfilerus, who according to Karnasaur legend was a factory worker prior to unification, entered the race to become the first Arkai of the Federation, and through many trials defeated his rivals and became the first paramount leader of a united Karnas. This particular story remains unsubstantiated in the currently known historical record, and historians believe it to be far more likely that Ēfilerus was an individual of higher social status than that of a labourer.