Matharian Empire

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Matharian Empire
Setting: Erudite Tales
Flag of Matharia State seal of Matharia
Flag Coat of arms
Mildhurian, Gomchar Sea, Obreidhion
Capital Midhurian City
Official languages Matharian, Tauryan, Commontongue
Races Human, Halfling, Elf, Kitsune
Demonym Matharian
Government Monarchy

The Matharian Empire is a powerful Khyorganese empire centred on the island of Mildhurian, founded by the legendary King Matharis IV. Their military power was recently the envy of all Khyorgan. They are considerably weaker due to the battering they took in the War of Khyorgan, but they are recovering and still proud.





  • An ancient prophecy made by the Root Carvers tells that an empire at the centre of the world will one day be struck down by Demons. Some have theorized this referred to the disastrous Battle of the Dragon's Mountain, but others think that the prophecy has not yet been fulfilled…